Red Bull – Olympic House

Red Bull – Olympic House

Head Office Design


London, UK



Red Bull enlisted Pop Store to create Red Bull Olympic House – a temporary conversion of the London office into a Member’s Club, to host Red Bull sponsored Athletes and their families, competing in the 2012 London Olympics.

In addition to sport themed furniture that was sourced from around the world, Pop Store designed and produced bespoke items such as Skateboard Stools, an Honours Board, Sports Resin infused timber/metal tables and selected an array of complementary furniture/fittings for the House.

To further enhance the Olympic theme, Pop Store designed various vinyls to be used in various formats throughout the building. Iconic British telephone booths were converted to Skype centres.

Pop Store designed and produced a Red Bull logo made from bicycle chain links and featured a triathlon disc wheel as the ‘sun’ – this logo was used extensively as a backdrop to all media related interview and photographs of Athletes.