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Shopping Centre Innovations: Differentiating from the rest

Shopping Centre Innovations: Differentiating from the rest

Following retail trends for Property companies, Retail Brands and Shopping Centres may seem like a never-ending deluge of new, supposedly innovative concepts. Competition between Shopping Centres for increase in footfall, custom and notoriety for the ‘in-brands’ is huge, and, now the UK is bouncing back from the recession, store fronts are re-filling and investments are being made to re-vamp the spaces.

Working with 100 Squared on their first UK site in Westfield London has lead us to explore how Shopping Centres are investing; from branding, technology, pop-up stores and new retail and food concepts.

It seems there is a divide in methods by the Shopping Centres to differentiate themselves – the first; to create an experiential environment for the consumer – and the second; to entice the multimedia savvy generations, through new technology, apps, and social media. Having said this, each method is not exclusive, a hype may be created on social media highlighting the experiential concept – and vice versa.

This week we are looking at what we are calling the ‘experiential environment’ –

A favourite of ours is Trinity Leeds, the only major Shopping Centre to open in the UK in 2013. They combine shopping with entertainment and events – pop-up concepts give the centre an ever-evolving identity at a small scale, however looking at the bigger picture they set themselves up to be a destination. It gives the consumer, customer and visitor the experience of ‘discovering’ something new, fashionable, on-trend and exclusive. Conceivably this could be done in any Shopping Centre, however Trinity Leeds has a major advantage over competitors – they began with a carte blanche – the centre was built as a multi-functioning entertainment area, not just a Shopping Centre.

In our mind however, none of the above is the crowning factor – it is Trinity Kitchen that differentiates the Centre from all others – it is foodie delight; they have given small, unchained restaurateurs the chance to put their wares out there. By allowing them to populate a space within the cavernous ‘Trinity Kitchen’ area, uniform branding goes out the window – and with that consumers become immersed in the atmosphere. The Shopping Centre is no longer a series of storefronts and eateries, but a hive of activity that the consumer can personally become involved in.

trinity kitchen
trinity kitchen leeds

Westfield Shopping Centres are also in the thick of it – with events scheduled for every day of the month – ranging from ‘Westfield presents’ (a series of live music events from both emerging and established artists) to Film nights, art classes, kids events and all manner of other interesting genres. Westfield London capitalize on every inch of their rather large floor space with floor concession stands – which, under design and concept guidelines cannot be considered anything other than their own stores, albeit on the centre ‘floor’, they are smart, considered and appealing for the consumer.

Working with 100 Squared on their Emerging Designer Market in Westfield London, brings about considered thought of Shopping Centre marketing. Conceptually, 100 Squared is one-of-a-kind in the UK. It provides a platform for emerging designer talent to get their items introduced into a high footfall area, on the first floor – sitting where you would normally find a concession ‘store’ -they cannot be called stands – too generic a term. Unlike such ‘stores’ 100 Squared provides a market for six-brands – with sight lines through the unit, visitors to the centre have an immediate introduction to the retail area, rather than having to entice the customer through the door. This type of interactive retail is a smart move – it is simple, non-gimmicky and appealing for both the retail brand and its consumer.

*photos of 100squareduk to follow!


8   Our continuing working relationship with Oxfordshire based watch company Bremont Chronometers is one that we are proud of. Popstore were asked to design and build the Bremont exhibition stand at Baselworld; the largest Watch and Jewelry fair in the world, held annually in Basel, Switzerland.   10   3   2 Key elements to include in the design were meeting rooms, display cases and an example of the Bremont Shop-in-Shop fixtures and designs. Similarly the increasing use of state of the art multimedia technology displays within the Bremont stores was integrated into the design.   5   6   9 The ethos of the brand is reflected in the fixtures and design, along with display areas for Bremont partnerships, such as Airliner Boeing. 4     7

Oasis Exhibition: Chasing the Sun 1993-1997

POPSTORE were approached by Ignition management, representing the 1990’s iconic band, Oasis, to help open an exhibition and pop-up store at LondonNewcastle Project space in Shoreditch.   Johnny-Hopkins--Wherehouse,-Derby-May-4--1994   The Oasis exhibition was to celebrate 20 years – to the day – since the release of their debut single Supersonic. Five rooms of photography, film and iconic Oasis memorabilia made up the exhibition. Curated by Lawrence Watson, seven photographer’s works from 1993-1997 were on the walls, with all prints for sale, along with a store selling Oasis Merchandise, inclusive of Oasis rolling-tins, 1993 demo cassette tapes, posters, t-shirts and bags.   JS34877018   A life-size recreation of the album cover of ‘Definitely Maybe’ proved to be a major attraction, with visitors able to go in and take photos of themselves replicating the album cover. Guitars, lyric sheets, and iconic Oasis tour props were also on display.   Oasis-Chasing-The-Sun-Launch-9-1   The exhibition attracted thousands of people, with queues stretching down the street on a daily basis. Visitors travelled from all over the UK, Europe and even as far as Asia specifically to visit the exhibition.   JS35193707   It was the first ever solo exhibition of the band’s most iconic moments, cumulatively titled; Chasing the Sun: Oasis 1993-1997. It traced the journey from the early days in Manchester, through to their international stardom. The photographs on display included previously unseen images along with rarely seen early audio-visual content.   JS34877401 JS34877087 JS34877406   The exhibition also marked the recent announcement of re-releases of the 1994 debut – Definitely Maybe. Music was available for pre-order; special edition cd’s with rare demo-recordings, along with a Boxset which includes a 12”vinyl, photography book, and of course the special edition cd amongst others, and, to cement the 1990’s feeling, the 1993 demo cassette.   poster wall   The entire event proved to be an unprecedented success, giving fans the opportunity to reminisce and enjoy the Oasis era.